Financial giant Citibank has reached out to a California dispensary over their use of the similar name of ‘Citidank’ for their cannabis business. With a tag line stating they are there for “all your danking needs,” you can probably see why the bank may have been a bit miffed about the dispensary’s chosen moniker. Other situations of the same nature have been popping up in the last few years, notably a case involving GG Strains LLC out of Las Vegas and the Gorilla Glue adhesives company. Gorilla Glue successfully argued that GG Strains’ various marijuana strain names violated their company’s trademarks. The courts ultimately ruled in Gorilla Glue adhesives’ favor forcing GG Strains LLC to change the strain names along with the removal of the word “gorilla” from their products as well as any gorilla imagery.

Another similar legal battle pit Tapatio Foods LLC against the cannabis company Payoso Grow, where the food manufacturer sued Payoso over use of their look-alike mascot, a man in a yellow shirt and sombrero, for their brand of marijuana infused line of hot sauces. Make sure you follow the link below for more details on this case!

Citibank has asked a California dispensary that has riffed off the bank’s name to stop using the moniker Citidank – although it’s unclear whether any sort of official cease and desist has been filed. In a back page ad in Coachella Valley Weekly, the Cathedral City-based shop said they cater to “all your danking needs.”

“Unless you are as high as a kite, you know that Citi isn’t affiliated with this business in any way and we have requested that they stop using Citi’s name and logo.” – Danielle Romero-Apsilos, a spokeswoman for Citibank, to the New York Post

Citibank Asks California Dispensary to Stop Using ‘Citidank’ Name | Ganjapreneur