The Grass is Greener

A new documentary on Netflix called The Grass is Greener talks about how much weed has influenced music all the way back to the days of jazz. According to the documentary, some of the most iconic and loved jazz musicians like Louis Armstrong were avid marijuana users. The trend of smoking weed to relax and as a source of inspiration continues today in the world of Hip Hop and rap too. Listen to Christine Slafani talk about the Grass is Greener.

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Hey everyone, it’s Christine Sclafani here again to offer up some more cannabis culture for The National Marijuana News.

Alright, so I know that Netflix is the most recent entertainment phenomenon and that many people are just outraged that a film on Netflix could get an Oscar nomination, or even a couple of wins like Roma did.

But, while some of the content on Netflix is far from 5 stars, some of it is really good too. The documentaries are particularly good and I know Netflix is a major source of entertainment for cannabis consumers that are just looking to chill for a little bit. I mean who else was Love Death + Robots made for other than marijuana lovers?

Netflix has also produced a number of cannabis related cooking shows and documentaries like Murder Mountain. The most recent documentary about weed on Netflix is called the Grass is Greener about how marijuana has affected hip hop, rap and the music industry in general.

You should check it out because weed has been a major source of inspiration for many musical artists.

Stay lifted everyone!

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