If you go to a dispensary in a state that has legalized recreational marijuana like Nevada, you will see all sorts of cannabis products. There is straight flower, pre-rolled joints, edibles, tinctures, syrups and cannagars. The cannagars look super fancy and like a lot of fun. How does anyone smoke a whole cannagar though? Christine Sclafani explains these wicked blunts for The National Marijuana News.

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Hey there TNMNews fans, it’s Christine Sclafani here to bring you some more insights into the culture of marijuana!

I was at a dispensary the other day and I took a long look at a cannagar. It cost $180 and it had five and a half grams of marijuana flower in it and one and a half grams of concentrate. Whoo! If that won’t get you stoned, I don’t know what will!

I mean how could anyone smoke one of these things all in one session? It’s not like your typical cigar that you would just puff on for a while. How could one person smoke that much weed all at once? Do you plan on just taking ten or so hits on the thing, putting it away and saving it for later? Or are people actually taking the whole thing down at once?

I can’t imagine, but if you are a cannagar fan and want to let us know how you smoke them, we are all about hearing your story.

I hear that this past New Year’s, someone bought an 11 thousand dollar cannagar in Vegas. It was coated in gold and had like 30 grams of flower in it. That must have been one hell of a way to celebrate the New Year!

Stay lifted everyone!

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