The Stoners of New Jersey and New York Must Be Bummed

Hey everyone, Christine Sclafani here again to give you another dose or marijuana culture for The National Marijuana News.

Okay, if there are any marijuana loving residents of either New Jersey or New York watching this, please chime in because I cannot imagine how disappointed you must feel right now about your legislators screwing up marijuana legalization this badly. Especially in New Jersey! I mean you are the freakin Garden State!

You vote in a governor, Phil Murphy, that for all intents and purposes absolutely promised you he would get weed legal in your state and over two years later the battle is basically over. Nothing, nada.

I supposed it is not as bad in New York because Governor Cuomo only recently turned from the dark side and became a legalization advocate, and the legislature could possibly still pass a bill to legalize this year, but still. New Yorkers smoke more weed each year than any other city in our beautiful country according to Seedo.

So, tell us what you think. Does it really matter after all of these years or is it heart breaking? Remember, you can always head to Boston for your weed. It’s legal there to both buy and smoke!

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