Hi everyone! Guess who’s back! That’s right, I’m Christine Sclafani and I am happy to say I am back by popular demand. You know it just warms my heart to know that I actually have some fans that like to hear what I have to say and watch my segments. So, thank you guys so much. I hope that you continue to watch TNMNews Culture and share me with your friends and those friends share me with other friends and those other friends share me with family and those family, well you get it. Sharing is caring. You know how we do.

Let’s talk about how CBD. How many of you are on this CBD craze? If you are a regular CBD user please leave comments below letting us know how often you use CBD and whether you vape it or put CBD oil in your food. Please tell us how you are using CBD. Curious minds just want to know. But most importantly tell us what does CBD do for you.

You know last year, early on. there were definitely a lot of CBD products but now it’s like everywhere I go or turn they’re talking about CBD. It is suddenly the new superfood. Who would have ever guessed that a cannabis based extract would become the biggest health and wellness trend since protein powder?

Yeah, I know the CBD oils, edibles and vapes all came from hemp which became federally legal for the first time in about 80 years back in December, but still… I see people putting CBD in their coffee, in their salad dressing, in their guacamole, on their steak, in their desserts. They’re rubbing it all over their bodies. All of that is great but I am still not clear if 15 minutes after consuming 40 mgs of CBD everyone’s aches and pains are actually gone. Or, whether they can noticeably feel themselves become less anxious? Or, if they fall sound asleep right afterwards? I have actually heard some people say that you don’t start noticing the effects until you have taken CBD regularly for a week straight. So, what is it? Please let us know how CBD works for you so we can solve this mystery.

I am really looking forward to reading through your comments. Who knows, I may try a little experiment of my own by mixing some CBD with my protein powder. Yeah, I’ll let you know how that works out for me.

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