State legal marijuana businesses are very interested in marketing their products and creating a brand that dominates the industry. Celebrities are an important part of creating a marketing campaign that will reach a lot of potential consumers.

However, despite the fact that Hollywood embraces marijuana consumption with many movies that feature the recreational use of cannabis, movies stars are still reluctant to have cannabis brands attached to their name. Before the Oscars, a marketing conference of a sort is held for celebrities to browse through interested advertisers. At this year’s Oscars, the conference featured four CBD brands, however the stars just did not show that much interest.

It felt like a swanky, hectic flea market, with celebrities heavily outnumbered by their attendants. An actor tried on pieces from a streetwear line, surrounded by a circle of enablers. A well-known character actor sampled cosmetics.

In this setting, a vaping or smoking lounge would have been immensely complicated and probably illegal – though recreational marijuana is now legal in California. Instead, the room was devoted to four CBD (cannabidiol) companies. CBD, a non-psychoactive chemical found in cannabis, is commonly associated with the drug’s medicinal properties and less specific “wellness” benefits, like any number of compounds infused into nutritional supplements and personal care products.

It ultimately comes down to money. Like everyone else in our country, making money for celebrities is very important and they know that the smallest tarnish on their record could result in many millions lost. Since cannabis is still federally prohibited, and while the acceptance of cannabis is growing in the country, movies stars seem to still not trust the marijuana legalization movement enough to risk their reputations. Are you surprised that despite how often marijuana is referenced in movies, and the reputation that Hollywood has for indulging in marijuana, that stars are still reluctant to attach their names to a cannabis brand?