In recent years, CBD, one of the many chemical compounds found in cannabis, and its related products have been hailed as the new ‘cure all’ for a number of different conditions. From treating anxiety disorders, providing pain relief, relieving insomnia and even improving the condition of your skin, proponents argue that there is little that CBD can’t do. This has sparked a significant increase in the number of CBD companies and products that are now available. You can find CBD infused edibles, lotions, infused bottle water and even some products for your pets to enjoy!

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In a lowlit room at Joy’s Spa in Washington, Dawn Franklin is smoothing a creamy white mask onto Jessica Osorio’s face. The mask, she says, is infused with chamomile and sage and aloe vera, plus one ingredient that she still has to explain to her clients: CBD.

An aesthetician, Franklin started working with an Oregon chemist last year to make CBD products for the skin, believing that a little of it swiped onto the face could help repair the ravages of age.

Is CBD The Answer For Anxiety?But Franklin also takes CBD in gummy form, popping some in the morning and some at night. Like a magic pill, she says, it wipes away the sleeplessness and the stress and the nagging pain in her back that has left her with a slight limp, though she’s only in her 30s.

“It’s crazy,” she acknowledges. But she insists that CBD can do it all. “It’s just crazy, the different things that it has helped.”

For Generation Anxious, affixed to its phones and stricken by news alerts, overworked and under-rested, the mysterious substance known as CBD is quickly becoming the new “it” drug.


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