Can using marijuana on a regular or semi-regular basis really be beneficial for some parents? Is it even ok to use in the first place? These are questions that’ll pop up more and more as legalization efforts continue to spread around the country and the world. As a natural result of legalization, some parents are being more open minded about continuing their cannabis use after they’ve had kids, with others going as far as to claim that their marijuana use is key in helping them stay calm and focused when dealing with their children.

There are also others that say that they are using cannabis to cope with parental stress, insomnia, and frustration that often accompanies having to deal with young children on a regular basis and see it as an excellent alternative for other medicines that are rife with unpleasant side effects. This is a bit of a controversial point of view as many people have a tendency to view marijuana users as lazy, irresponsible or worse. This perspective may highlight the double-standard of people’s attitudes towards alcohol use which for much of our culture is seen as perfectly acceptable despite its significant potential for harm. Some people could argue that being razor sharp all of the time is counterproductive to a child’s development anyways. If you will be consuming in a state where marijuana is still illegal, be sure to know your local laws inside and out to avoid any potential issues with law enforcement!

It was once believed that parents who smoked marijuana were unfit to raise their children. But now that the herb has been legalized all over the country for medicinal and recreational purposes, the narrative is changing.

Many advocates argue that pot consumption in front of children is no different than kicking back a few cocktails, while others continue to apply the age-old stereotype to this debate. Somewhere in the middle of the issue is a progressive group of moms and dads who believe marijuana actually makes them better parents. But does it?

Although the majority of Americans is nowhere near ready to embrace the concept of parents using marijuana in front of their kids, it stands to reason that this is happening more frequently these days, now that cannabis is treated like alcohol in a growing number of states.

What’s interesting is marijuana legalization in parts of the United States is making people living in outlaw states more relaxed about weed. Some are of the opinion that if pot is legal in Colorado, there really could not be too many repercussions in other jurisdictions.

Still, some parents say marijuana is the ultimate mother’s little helper.

“I was on prescription medications for years after my kids were born to just help me sleep, and my doctor wanted to prescribe additional medications to help my anxiety,” one mother told Colorado Pot Guide.