Shana Feste is the fantastic director and writer for well loved movies like Country Strong, The Greatest and Endless Love. Now Sony Classics is proud to bring you her next inspiration, Boundaries. Based on her own life with a dad that sold marijuana to make a living, Shana delves into the depths of just how ridiculous dealing illicit weed could be before the marijuana legalization movement hit the United States.

In the story, a loving mother named Laura (played by Vera Farmiga) is conflicted about helping her son out with getting tuition into art school in exchange for giving her estranged father Jack (played by Christopher Plummer) a ride from Texas to California. The problem is that Jack is a freewheelin old man that loves all things weed, he always has and Laura just does not trust that a road trip with him and her son would be uneventful.

Christopher Plummer, Boundaries, cannabis news, marijuana legalizationAll of Laura’s fears come true as she realizes they are driving around with many pounds of illegal weed in the trunk of her car which her father plans on selling. In fact, the reason Jack needs the ride is to get a major score on his abundance of weed. He had even been thrown out of the nursing home he was living in for selling pot to his friends there. During their journey Jack solicits the help of Laura’s son Henry to help unload his product. The story really gets ridiculous when Christopher Lloyd’s character enters. While Boundaries does not involve any literal time travel, viewers feel taken back with this nostalgic film.

While Boundaries is very much a comedy, in truth nationwide marijuana prohibition led to many tragic events and often forced the desperate to break the law for the sake of making ends meet. The story even takes the group to Henry’s own estranged father Leonard (played by Bobby Cannavale.) Henry’s deadbeat dad faces many challenges including utter hatred from Jack.

Boundaries is a story many people can relate to considering not even ten years ago smoking weed and dealing it was frowned upon by most. Perceptions at the time were that smoking and selling pot turned good people into lazy economic drains upon our country, when in truth societal and financial barriers had a lot more to do with an individual’s status. Weed was a way to relieve some stress and possibly have enough money to put food on the table. But, now that 9 states have legalized the adult-use of cannabis and the country is changing its perspectives on marijuana, we all look back on the time in an entirely new light when we flirted with the laws ourselves and felt frustration at the blind ignorance surrounding marijuana.

Shana Feste shared with TNMNews some of her own experiences with her dad when she was younger to give our viewers some more perspective on what inspired Boundaries.

“Whenever my dad would visit me from Texas he would send his weed first so it would be there for him when he arrived. Before one visit, I went to get my mail in the shared mailroom of my apartment building and was slapped in the face with the strongest smell – there was a fedex envelope inside filled to the brim with stinky marijuana and a note from my dad that said – “This weed is the sole property of Robert Feste.”  I naturally freaked out, imagining the myriad of ways I could get in trouble but he found it absolutely hilarious. I think he honestly believed the note would hold up in court.”

If you are a lover of weed or just love a feel good story, go see Boundaries. It premiers tomorrow. Get your tickets here: