TNMNews is please to announce the release of BOUNDARIES on June 22nd, a film about how marijuana, its illegal status and its stigmas has shaped people’s lives. Shana Feste wrote the script based off of her own personal experiences. The movie has some of the best all-time actors with Christopher Plummer, Vera Farmiga, Christopher Lloyd and Peter Fonda. Shana was nice enough to provide TNMNews with some of her own personal stories growing up with a father that loved cannabis and constantly tested the boundaries of the law. Take a look at what Shana wrote specifically for our followers and then further down check out the trailer and press release.

Whenever my dad would visit me from Texas he would send his weed first so it would be there for him when he arrived. Before one visit, I went to get my mail in the shared mailroom of my apartment building and was slapped in the face with the strongest smell – there was a fedex envelope inside filled to the brim with stinky marijuana and a note from my dad that said – “This weed is the sole property of Robert Feste.”  I naturally freaked out, imagining the myriad of ways I could get in trouble but he found it absolutely hilarious. I think he honestly believed the note would hold up in court.

(A note from the editor: In the film when Plummer makes his 15 year old grandson a partner in his nefarious activities and shows him all the suitcases full of weed in the trunk of the car. He also shows him a note saying “This weed is the property of Jack Jaconi.”)

Growing up with a father who trafficked marijuana was a unique experience. Weed was everywhere in our house and it made me very popular in high school. I would constantly take a little from the top of each plastic bag I found, put in my jeans pocket and give it away to friends. I didn’t even smoke it – I think the way for me to rebel against my dad in high school was to be the party pooper that stayed clean and sober while he was always high with his friends.



A STAGE 6 FILMS Presentation


QUIET GIRLS Production


 A Film By



Vera Farmiga, Christopher Plummer, Lewis MacDougall, Bobby Cannavale, 

Kristen Schaal, Dolly Wells, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II,

with Christopher Lloyd, and Peter Fonda

Boundaries, Christopher Plummer, Vera Farmiga, Cannabis News
Christopher Plummer & Vera Farmiga

Opening Nationally on June 22, 2018

Shana Feste teams up with a star-studded cast anchored by Christopher Plummer and Vera Farmiga in Boundaries, a story about a mother, her awkward son, her estranged father and the road trip of a lifetime.

Shana Feste’s genuinely personal story of family and friends follows Laura (Farmiga) a struggling single mother in her thirties who has an extraordinary love for stray dogs and cats. She lives with her maladjusted yet exceptionally talented 14-year-old son Henry (MacDougall), who has just been expelled from school for drawing a naked portrait of his principal, among other things. In order to get Jack into an art school where he can thrive, she strikes a deal with her estranged, pot-dealing misfit of a father Jack (Plummer) who has just been kicked out of yet another nursing home for his nefarious activities. If Laura drives Jack to California, Jack will give her the money she needs for Henry’s tuition. But the road trip veers off course quickly and often when Jack decides to make a couple of stops to visit his art-forging friend (Lloyd) and old Hollywood client (Fonda), and Henry asks to see his deadbeat dad Leonard (Cannavale).

Shana Feste wrote this movie from her heart. He dad was a pot dealer, card sharp, 6 time married with multi-kids, charismatically immoral gent (he also appears in the movie buying weed from Plummer). Shana said that he paid her entire college tuition via illicit activities, “I would get packages delivered to my dorm with thousands of dollars of cash.” It is also an animal rescue story – Both Shana and her dad were fanatics for strays. During their real road-trip, they started off with 3 dogs and ended up with 7. And, there are animals – cats, dogs, fish, etc. – aplenty in the film. (Shana’s own personal rescue dog plays a big role in the film and is willing to fly anywhere for interviews).

Sony Pictures Classics will release a Stage 6 Films presentation of an Automatik Entertainment, Oddfellows Entertainment, Quiet Girls production of Boundaries, written and directed by Shana Feste (Endless Love, Country Strong). It is produced by Brian Kavanaugh-Jones (Midnight Special, Take Shelter, Insidious) and Chris Ferguson (Come and Find Me, Hollow in the Land, Afflicted). The Director of Photography is Sara Mishara (Felix and Meira, You’re Sleeping, Nicole), and the editor is Dorian Harris (The Bridge, Bosch). The film’s production designer is Page Buckner (Jurassic World, Django Unchained).

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