Bill Murray and Weed

Listen to Christine talk about Bill Murray’s AMA on Reddit about the war on drugs and his stance on marijuana legalization. Check out the list of Celebrity cannabis advocates on our instagram account. Click here…

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Hey everyone, it’s Christine Sclafani again to provide some more insights into the inner workings of weed culture for The National Marijuana News.

Okay, while I love my Culture.TNMNews IG account, I also think the IG profile for TNMNews is pretty great too. @NationalMJNews features facts about marijuana, inspiring photos of up-to-date marijuana news, and marijuana celebrities.

I love the marijuana celebrities list, it has to be the longest list I have ever seen of famous men and women that either openly consume cannabis like Rihanna or advocates like Dr. Sanjay Gupta. There are even some deceased celebrities like Bruce Lee and Maya Angelou.

“The most recent celebrity posted was Bill Murray. I love hearing the Murray Stories, where he just pops up out of the blue and hangs out with people. The IG post explained that back in 2014 Bill Murray did an Ask-Me-Anything on Reddit and someone asked him about how he felt about recreational marijuana.

His response was insightful I thought. He talked about all the people in prison just for self-medicating and that with all the money spent on the war on drugs, the U.S. government could have just bought up all of the drugs instead. It amazes me that such a goofy dude comes up some super insightful stuff. I bet he smokes weed too.

Stay lifted everyone!

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