One of the unfortunate aspects of using weed and related products on a regular basis is the cost. Despite the increased number of marijuana legalization efforts around the country which have created a competitive market among retailers resulting in the lowering of some costs, buying weed can still be expensive. Since most of us don’t have money to burn, especially when it comes to something like recreational weed use, storing your weed properly is key to protecting your financial investment.

In order to help fellow enthusiasts preserve their pot, we’ve put together some tips to help folks properly store their weed stash.

Storing Marijuana Flower:

Storing weed, tending marijuana news, marijuana legalizationThe sandwich bags we are all familiar with are actually a bad way to store your weed as they can create static electricity which will cause your stash to deteriorate. We highly suggest that you invest in some containers to store your pot. Glass and ceramic containers work the best but you have to ensure that it is the right size for your stash or you will end up storing more air than weed. Although initially expensive, vacuum sealers allow you to store your bud by removing the oxygen and heat-sealing them closed.

Where you keep your weed is also very important. Factors like temperature, moisture, and light can have significant impact on how long your stash remains fresh and safe to use. If you are storing the weed in a glass container, pick out ones that are not clear as clear glass will not safeguard your pot against light and UV rays. With regards to temperature, your weed should optimally be stored at 55F to 70F. Storing at lower temperatures will dry your weed out and at higher temperatures can lead to mold growing and oxidation. Some folks like to add a little peel (lemon, orange, or even potato) to absorb any extra moisture but you have to ensure that the peel is also fresh to prevent mold growth.

Storing Concentrates and similar products:

storing weed, shatter, wax, marijuana concentrates, dabbing, weed containersWhile concentrates, oils, waxes, etc. have more staying power than marijuana flower they still need to be stored and handled properly. We recommend the use of rubber gloves when handling these types of products as they are usually sticky substances. Also, you don’t want to risk contaminating the product with your bodily fluids and germs. Parchment paper can also be used on the surfaces you are working on to reduce sticking.

Storing Edibles:

The Best Ways To Store Your StashEdibles should be also be stored in cool, dark, and dry places so that they can retain their strength as well as taste. Also as with any food product, their lifespan can be limited especially if not stored properly. Thankfully, most edibles nowadays are sold in reusable packaging making storage a little bit easier. You should also take note of any printed expiration or “use by” dates on the product’s packaging to make sure that you are not consuming a product that has gone bad.

Do you have any tips on how to store your stash that you’d like to share?